Fair Fest Vendor Booths


Booth Number
Vendor Name
#1The Mermaids of the Great Salt Lake
#2The Crystal WhoreCrystals & Jewelry
#3Rowan MooreSpell jar pendants, acrylic flower pendants, pinned butterfly shadow boxes, soap bars

#5Jewelry in a NutshellDark fairy tale Halloween jewelry & beads
#6Samira SnounouHandmade sterling silvery jewelry through traditional silversmithing styles. Sun catchers & terrariums
#7GoatwirxHandcrafted wands, runes, oghams, amulets, talismans, spirit boards, altars, etc.
#8Dusty NotionsAlcohol ink art, crochet, handmade papers
#9Lady LunaHexenspiegels, jewelry and resin goods
#10Glenda & OthaloHandmade wood carvings and engravings, 3D printed witchy products, handmade runes, jewelry, altar totems and teas
#11Lydia LymanResin items, jewelry & vinyl decals
#12Robin BushmanUpcycling flowers from shredded paper and cardboard with plant seeds for bees
#13Charmed Life SLCFlower crowns, circlets, clothing, jewelry, soap, runes, etc.
#14Hagen CandlesCandles, waxmelts & car fresheners
Front LotWonder Tarot & Twitchery BroomsTarot and Art Prints | Witch's Brooms


Crone's Hollow StoreSpecial Guest: Author Raechel Henderson
Roy's RoomCreature Encounters
Roy's RoomKS Spirit DollsHandmade felt spirit voodoo dolls and creatures
Roy's RoomKathy's CandlesHandmade candles
Roy's RoomSlime Vendor10 kinds of slime
Roy's RoomOld Ways of the SoulReadings & Spiritual Counseling